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Tumor Marker test

We have highly advanced path lab for Tumor Marker Test
These tests check for tumor markers in the blood, urine, or body tissues, which are also known as cancer markers. Cancer cells and normal cells both produce tumor markers in response to cancer in the body. Some tumor markers are only found in certain types of cancer. A tumor marker is a substance found in your blood, urine, or body tissue that indicates the presence of cancer. Proteins produced by both healthy and cancer cells in the body are referred to as “tumor markers.” Mutations, changes, or patterns in a tumor’s DNA may also be referred to. Biomarkers are another term for tumor markers.

How are tumor markers used in cancer care?

There are two main types of tumor markers:

  1. Circulating tumor markers
  2. Tumor tissue markers.
  1. Circulating tumor markers: Some cancer patients’ blood, urine, stool, or other body fluids may include circulating tumor markers. Tumor markers in the bloodstream are used to:
    • Determine the prognosis
    • Determine the cancer stage
    • Identify cancer that has returned after therapy or that has remained after therapy (residual illness).
    • Evaluate the efficacy of a treatment
    • Keep an eye on whether the treatment is still working
  2. Tumor tissue markers: Tumor tissue (or cell) markers are detected in tumors, usually in a sample of the tumor removed during a biopsy. Tumor tissue markers are utilized for a variety of purposes, including:
    • Cancer diagnosis, staging, and classification
    • Determine the prognosis
    • choose a suitable treatment (e.g., treatment with a targeted therapy)