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Ritik Sharma
Cancer Patient
This is one of the greatest hospitals I've ever seen. Excellent work in all areas. Doctors are kind people who are willing to help.
Sonu Mishra
Cancer Patient
Positive atmosphere throughout the facility and anaesthetics helped me feel so at ease and relaxed during such a hard treatment. Prankur hospitals have provided me with a very positive experience.
Vikas Kumar
Cancer Patient
We didn't feel like we were at a hospital in Prankur. Excellent service and well-trained personnel. I've never seen such excellent medical attention and services.
Mohit Nanda
Cancer Patient
Prankur Hospital is one of India's best hospitals. The entire patient care staff is friendly and helpful.
Akash Thakur
Cancer Patient
When I alerted the nurse about my minor chest pain following the operation, she took care of it right away. Excellent teamwork and a great group of doctors.
Ayushman Ojha
Cancer Patient
I've received the best medical care possible, as well as all other necessary services. Close monitoring, individual attention, daily counseling, and patient care were all amazing and moving experiences.